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China Ningbo branch of CITs's marketing fifa 15 coins Chief

Alma51hl posted @ 2014年12月01日 12:27 in 未分类 with tags fifa 15 coins game fifadelivery , 185 阅读

China Ningbo branch of CITs's marketing fifa 15 coins Chief, told reporters that the State travel agency currently has over more than 10 lines, but consumer SSDS, 80,000 to 100,000 yuan is the minimum cost to watch the World Cup cost is so expensive, the focus is the high cost of tickets, some time ago, the focus of the high costs were also exposed. Causes is domestic of all World Cup tickets are agent to has a agent company, and this company single one finals of tickets quotes will more than 90,000 more Yuan, almost is FIFA official website fare of twice times currently World Cup of tickets is divided into two species, a is General tickets, not contains other additional service, its price often in 100 dollars to 300 dollars Zhijian, and just through network draw of way sales. According to the FIFA policy, ordinary tickets to World Cup countries will draw more inclined, as 2014 World Cup non-competing countries snapped up by fans of tickets the probability of very limited nature because FIFA has introduced an alternative official ticketing plan, which is contained within the stadium seat dining, private channel, and the packages, gifts and other services, rather than just ticket sales. Yesterday, when the African cock wire Ghana draw with Giants Germany team, fans are thinking about Group g's other game, Portugal and United States team matches. Spain out, England's exit, the fans want to see Portugal another third out after two rounds Giants team? FIFA seems to be meant to keep everyone in suspense, put it in today's final match Portugal United States team competition, at first Portugal took the lead in less than five minutes using United States team's one misstep, the next town. 1:0 win kept for 60 minutes.

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