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Interview fifa coins World Cup daily wrote travels

Alma51hl posted @ 2014年12月11日 15:30 in 未分类 with tags fifa coins fifadelivery football , 170 阅读

I had has a companion, interview fifa coins World Cup daily wrote travels can completed task, but this pile task also non-can easily completed, World Cup involving more than 10 over seat city, city inter roundtrip exception difficult, limited Yu China sent reporter meager of travel standard and several no may with to with live--according to last version temporary abroad personnel costs expenditure standard and management approach of standard, Brazil of each late accommodation fee only for 55 dollars, although this year up Executive high have more of new version, But there are several difficulties in the traditional media is willing to send reporters open doubles budget? If the leadership does not understand "street fifadelivery sweeper" the true meaning of clumped together on a hotel room, fans can only be States correspondents out, only a network cable connected to the world and misfortunes tight competition pressure, the task force's dilemma, "those involved" is not difficult to understand how exclusive it these days? There are. But in information more transparent of today, get exclusive news needs more efforts and planning, and some luck, also needs institutions has enough of funds and system support, to reporter can in again and again real of events reported in the upgrade growth usually died press in home vision limited, later number years only as gift like gives once contest interview opportunities (also very may no card "sweep Street"), apparently didn't may manufacturing out see and found exclusive of opportunities. A Nigerian journalist published an opportunity to tap into and out of the Chinese table tennis team do you single-handedly spice? Nearly impossible, unless too many causal factors added together.

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