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As long as any fifa 15 coins team in the FIFA held a football match winner scores obtained

Alma51hl posted @ 2014年12月05日 14:27 in 未分类 with tags fifa 15 coins game fifadelivery , 157 阅读

FIFA ranking the truth is very simple: as long as any fifa 15 coins team in the FIFA held a football match winner scores obtained, can make them in the standings to climb the team ranking: ranking score = score match importance coefficient match strength belongs to FIFA 1 scores: strength of victory of 3 points, draw 1 points, lost not score. If the match to the final penalty, the winning team received 2 points, the losing side to obtain 1 points in 2 games: friendly importance coefficient of 1 (including small games); World Cup qualifying and the Intercontinental Cup qualifying coefficient is 2.5; the Intercontinental Cup final and the Confederations Cup coefficient 3; World Cup finals match strength coefficient 4.03. opponents: integral principle, FIFA month the top ranked opponents, strength is divided into 200 points, if ranking after 150 (including 150) the lowest strength rivals 50 points belong to the 4 FIFA strength: when the game where both teams belonging to two different FIFA time, average strength coefficient he took the two team owned of fifa. UEFA and Conmebol 1; North America and Caribbean FIFA for the 0.88 AFC, CAF; 0.86; Oceania FIFA 0.85 this means that two teams belonging the same team to play 4 friendly matches, matches are equivalent to win a World Cup finals in the integral.

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